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Corporate Zone has been assisting clients with their Tax & Accounting obligations. Our team of qualified Chartered Accountants has been focused on purifying and describing our clients’ VAT obligations in the easiest ways possible, and then applying and executing a reliable approach to ensure their VAT submission.

There are many VAT-related services that Corporate Zone can offer including:
  1. VAT Registration
  2. VAT Recovery
  3. VAT Returns
  4. VAT Bookkeeping

What is VAT ?

VAT or Value Added Tax can also be understood as consumption tax as it is a tax applied to services and sold goods. It is applied to the end consumer on the products he buys or the services he avails thus it can be considered an indirect tax for the company that is selling, as it is responsible for collecting this tax from the customers and returning it to the government.

Who Has To Register For VAT In DUBAI ?

Don’t let the VAT scene be a reason for concern for your brand-new business venture. Not everyone or every company is supposed to register for VAT in Dubai. Many services and goods are exempt from VAT. If your company falls in the category where VAT registration is compulsory, Corporate Zone has your back! Our team has expert Chartered Accountants that will register VAT and execute all other aspects related to it like the VAT submission, returns, and bookkeeping. 

You are Required To Register For VAT If:

Business Activities/ Goods And Services That Are Exempt From VAT :

What Will You Need For VAT Registration In DUBAI?

The list of required documents is extensive and may be a challenge for the business owner to manage efficiently. The Corporate Zone accountants will ease your responsibility so that you can focus on the growth of your business.